Graham Masterton

dwarf |birth_place=Edinburgh, Scotland |occupation=Author |nationality=British |genre=Horror fiction |spouse=Wiescka (died 2011) |website= }} Graham Masterton (born 16 January 1946, in Edinburgh) is a British author known primarily for horror fiction. Originally editor of ''Mayfair'' and the British edition of ''Penthouse'', his debut novel, ''The Manitou'', was published in 1976. This novel was adapted in 1978 for the film ''The Manitou''. His 1978 novel ''Charnel House'' and 1983 novel ''Tengu'' garnered positive critical reception, the former receiving a Special Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America and the latter being awarded with a silver medal by the West Coast Review of Books. Masterton was also the editor of ''Scare Care'', a horror anthology published for the benefit of abused children in Europe and the United States.

Masterton's novels often contain visceral sex and horror. In addition to his novels, Masterton has written a number of sex instruction books, including ''How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed'' and ''Wild Sex for New Lovers''.

In 2002, Masterton wrote the crime novel ''A Terrible Beauty'', featuring the character Katie Maguire, an Irish detective. The novel was republished in 2013 under the title ''White Bones'', and spawned a number of other novels by Masterton featuring the Maguire character. In 2010, Masterton published ''Rules of Duel'', a short novel that he co-wrote with William S. Burroughs in the early 1970s. Provided by Wikipedia
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